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Cory Holmes

Founder of CBD Startup Academy and Holmes Organics

About Us .

My name is Cory Holmes and I am the founder of Holmes Organics, a wellness brand that offers CBD products. We offer products from CBD Oil, Softgels, and Pain Cream… to even CBD bath bombs, and doggy treats.

I created the course to give hope to aspiring entrepreneurs to believe that they can compete in a billion dollar industry. The CBD industry will be a 25 billion dollar industry in a few short years and there’s currently no clear market leader. So this is an opportunity to gain market share and build a huge brand.

I especially want to show fellow minorities how to earn a great living in an industry that so many of us have been put in jail for. And we are still in jail for a plant that many brands are making millions from. Crazy right?

It’s time to own our brands and I want to show you how.

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